Large Platter

Large Platter

There is no better way to enjoy the company of others than to graze of from one of our curated  platters. They are perfect for any occasion or to send as a gift!


Large Platters come with our signature styling, 5 artisanal cheeses + charcuterie, fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit, nuts, locally made jam by Round Rock Jelly and accoutrements. Crackers  are not included and are avaialble for purchase separately!


Comes on disposable wooden board with disposable wooden knives and tongs. 


Feeds 15-20 as appetizer. 

If you would like to send more than 1 large platter, please submit an order for each recipient if they are going to different addresses. 


Large platters are pretty big in size and fit in most double door refrigerators. We recommend to plan accordingly as it needs to be refrigerated and taken out at least 20 minutes before consumption. Please read our "Large Platter Notice" under the Info Sections.


Have a bulk order? Email us at and let us know what you're thinking!



  • Refunds

    NO refunds on this order if cancelled after 5:00PM CST 2 days prior to delivery. 


  • Gifts

    Is this order a gift? Because the nature of the order, there will need to be someone home to receive the platter and refrigerate it. Please let recipient know so they know when to expect us.

  • Order by 6pm for next day delivery.

    You can place an order by 6PM for next day delivery, unless we are closed the desired delivery date or are fully booked. 


  • Do you plan on eating your platter the next day?

    We make our platters/boxes daily, and always recommend that they are consumed the "day of" for optimal freshness. If you plan on eating it the next day, let us know on the note section at check out so we can wrap it up accordingly.

  • Large Platter Notice

    Large Platters are expected to be large in size, after all, you will be feeding 15-20 guests. Platter will need to be refrigerated and you will need a refrigerator that is at least 2ft deep by 2.3ft wide. 

    There will be NO REFUNDS if order is delivered and it does not fit in your refrigerator.