Michelena Borberg, Creative Director and Owner

Born and raised in Mexico City, I feel like passion for food is built in our bloodstream. The layers of ancient, modern and every era in between that you encounter while dining there shaped my “food identity”. It is a city of contrasts and contradictions, but above all, a city of pleasures…expressly that of food!

While most kids would anxiously wait for the weekend to enjoy a movie or time with their friends, I would instead beg to be taken out to dinner and the theatre. There was something about experiencing diverse dishes and flavors that called my attention from a young age, which was reinforced by my parents’ love for street markets, unique flavors and rare foods.

However, it wasn’t until my 20’s that the love affair with cheese and charcuterie grew on me. I remember walking by the streets in Nice, France and taking in the aromas of cheese…all my friends thought I was crazy, but I was drawn to the stands and ended up buying way.too.much.cheese (is there ever such a  thing, though?!)Ha!

Fast forward a few years and I find out about a Grazing Table trend in Australia going strong…and I decided to give it a try for my husband’s 30th birthday party….and it was a hit!


And so, I realized it was time to live out my passion and do what I love most - bringing people together through decadent food.




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